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Tempted House of Night 6 Book Review

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

This book was great. I loved almost every minute of it unlike the last book that I was bored with. The only thing that still gets to me is that this book has a bunch of teen banter that just bugs me. 

They made some improvements to the back story problems they have had in each book. In the first five books they spent large portions of the first few chapters rehashing what happened in the previous books. In this book they did not spend much time at all on that, but gave you subtle hints and reminders. Also the teens in the book were starting to act more mature than in any other book. For these two improvements I was extremely grateful. 

WARNING this review will contain spoilers if you have not read books 1-5. I try not to give away too much about the current book but you need to read books 1-5 before reading this review.

This book was fun and I was never bored. Zoey Redbird has a lot to think about with three boyfriends and the world as we know it about to end if she can't figure out what to do next. She is learning to handle the more important things instead of worrying about the men who all want to be with her. Now she has Eric, Stark and Heath as well as the evil Kolona all vying for her attention.

She didn't kill Kolona and Neferet in the last book just sent them away temporally. Now that she knows her connection with Kolona he is invading her dreams and she starts to feel things for him that defy all logic. Part of her is the woman created to love the evil beast and part of her is still Zoey Redbird.She is forced to make decisions based on the truth and turns to guidance from her goddess.

On top of the mess with Kolona, Zoey also has to confront Stevie Rae who has been hiding things from her. There are more red fledglings and they are bad news. Stevie Rae also has her own side plot in this book which I can't wait to see developed later. I can't give it away now but it has to do with her always wanting to give others a chance to change. 

There is a great plot going on with Stark, Heath and Zoey that left me saying "you have to be kidding me" in the end. Stark accepts his role as his priestesses warrior and Heath accepts his role as Zoey's consort and they begin to work together as a team well at least when it is important. In the end they left you with you jaw dropping and you fists raised at the time you will have to wait to find out what is going on.

I wish I could write more but I might give away too much. This book was one of the best thus far and because of the level of entertainment and the improvements made I am giving this book 5 stars. It is not the best book I have ever read but it was good and I just can't say enough for the improvements in this book.


  • Anonymous

    I have read these books and greatly enjoyed the different outlook on vampires that are given...this book I haven't read yet as I am waiting for it to come out in paperback to match the others that i have...after reading your review I can't wait to get my hands on it!! Thanks.

  • sundcarrie

    I actually listened to this book because I usually wait for paperback too but I had some credits.

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