Sunday, December 27, 2009

Changes in the New Year

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

I have had a lot of stuff to do this holiday season. I am working on getting my house really clean this week. I asked my husband to get on the Total Money Makeover (by Dave Ramsey) plan with me for Christmas. I am going to stop whining and get a few jobs to put 50% or more down on a house. We have some things we can sell like a race car and the duplex we have had on the market forever.

I have decided that if we can get to the point where we only have one small house payment instead of rent and a house payment for the duplex then I won't have many worries and I can work on becoming a writer without feeling stressed out. I can work a little at a time at making my dream a reality for now.

I am also getting on a new eating plan. I am going back to eating natural foods as much as I can. I bought a nice food processor with a blender. I am going to make a lot of stuff from scratch and stop eating so many processed foods. One of the reasons I hate doing that is I hate chopping everything up by hand so I decided that it was worth it to buy this item. I will be buying more fresh foods and getting healthier.

I will have a review for Tempted up this week I have to go back and review it a little because things went a little crazy around here for a few weeks.


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