Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Day Turns Bad

>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I was having a good day today, then I got my Poe paper back. I got a C+ before the extra credit that takes it to a B. I worked so hard on that paper, I was in tears when I asked about scheduling an appointment with the professor to help me with my writing. I am about to cry now. I am starting to feel like a fish out of water. My college experience is not helping me with my switch in major. The teachers expect something different.

I am reconsidering going full time next semester. I may have to spend a lot of extra time learning about different writing styles. My professor did say that writing in the health and humanities college is not the same. He said he would be happy to help me so at least that is good. I have already had to do a lot of extra reading to help me understand my text books.

I did have a positive meeting with one of my other professors, she said I was doing well and she was also very willing to help if I get stuck. I am really feeling like I am in over my head. When I registered for this semester I was told that if I shouldn't have any trouble changing from The College of Health and Human Services with a BA in Social Work to The College of Arts and Science for a degree in English. I graduated with a 3.8 grade point average.

I am not going to give up but I may have to slow the process down a bit more than I would like. I don't get bad grades this is not acceptable to me. This will lower my GPA. I have to get A's on my last two assignments.

I am also going to have to work on my portfolio for my Creative Writing class and give it to him for review so I can figure out how I am doing.

So if I am not around for a while I am working on school work. I am so disappointed I am going to have to focus, focus, focus.

I do intend to get 2 more Poe posts up by the 31st.


  • Em

    Carrie - hang in there girl... you are a fabulous writer...
    Hopefully your professor will be able to help... I'll be thinking about you...

  • Anonymous

    hey...don't give yourself such a hard have just started and already you are coming out with C+ and B...this is a great achievement at this stage and you obviously have full backing from your professors so I am sure you will do great....

  • Jeff King

    Yea can't get A every time... plus C's get degrees... and that is what you want. Keep your head up, just because some teacher thinks you work is worth a C+ does not mean that to another professor or publisher or agent might not think it is A material. Writing is judgmental and is someone opinion, so don't beat yourself up over someone’s opinion.
    know your good and work through it, keep your head up and don't let him beat you down or make you think you’re not worth trying to make a career out of writing... some people would kill for a B and wish to just pass.
    writing is a growing, evolving, ever changing thing so take this as a lesson that you just learned... if you let some teacher get you down because of a lower grade than you thought how you going to react when you work does not get published or picked up by anyone? QUIT... NO of course not, so look at yourself and tell yourself your good and it was his problem he didn't get what you were writing and move on. Take this exp. and toughen yourself up and prepare for the world of rejections to finally get into print...

  • sundcarrie

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am not used to getting bad grades. I am going to have to take it as a challenge.
    Jeff there is a difference in getting rejected and not being able to make the grade. One of the things I am proud of is being a good student.

  • Jeff King

    well when it come to writing it is more of an opinion than a rule that has been broken. i am sure your grammer was perfect and maybe it was the teacher/reads unability to grasp your writing fully that lead to the grade... all i am saying is unless your grade was dictated by rules set forth rather than opinion then take it as such. if you can improve on the nuts and bolts part of writing then do it. but when it come to writing you will never connect to everyone, it so happens that this time it was someone who could give you a grade for it...
    thx for posting.

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