Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Addicted to Podcasts; Too Much Multitasking is Driving me Insane

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well I love the Grammar Girl podcast and the Dave Ramsey Show podcast as well as Mark Gungor and Debbie Chavez on the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage podcast. I have found a few others that I like as well. I have found some on mythology but they require some concentration on my part so I have not really listened to them. Most of the ones I listen to I have some prior knowledge of or know the style of the speakers so I can fill in the gaps. I just don't really miss much if I have to pay more attention to the road or the dishwasher.

So anyone know of a good book review podcast or a dark fiction or poetry podcast? I have yet to run across anything like that yet. I have not looked that hard because I don't want to use my time that I should be working on school work listening to podcasts.

I have to write a paper on three Poe killers today. I want it perfect so I have read the stories and several commentaries and essays on each story. I know a lot of what I want it to say but I am having trouble with organizing. I suppose if I just start typing I can copy and paste until it means something to the professor. It will be a challenge thought because I hear he tends to like it to read like an essay without the use of "I".

At least this paper will be fun; this weekend I have to read Moby Dick. Will someone please tell me it gets better after the first chapter??!! I have tried reading and listening to this book but it just so hard to get past the first ten pages. In the Scarlett Letter I thought I was doomed until I finished the Custom House even Walden becomes an easier read after the Economy the first and very long chapter.

I have a great story to tell about yesterday and why I have to do all my homework today! I was in my first class of the day. I have three classes they are on Mondays and Wednesdays only. I didn't feel great in the morning but I proceeded to get on the treadmill and go on like nothing was wrong. It was not like I was really sick I just felt kind of disconnected, I thought it was because I got up early. So I am sitting in class and I realize I can't see the professors face. At this point I know it is a migraine but the auras are usually not that bad for me. I couldn't see the lines on the paper I was writing on and eventually I stopped trying to concentrate it was making me feel like I would pass out. By the end of class I could see again but I felt dizzy and out of it. I couldn't drive so I went to get something to eat and while I am standing in line my face starts to feel numb. I went to the salad place only because it had the shortest line. Once I sat down my left hand and forearm start to go numb. This is bad because I am left handed and it is always scary when body parts loose feeling for no apparent reason.

So sit and eat very slowly until the symptoms go away. I have no medicine with me so all I can do is wait. I usually have time from the onset of symptoms to the headache. I was lucky and this time the symptoms stopped long enough for me to get to my car (you don't get to park near buildings on campus) but as I was driving home the headache was getting worse. I drove slow in case I needed to pull over. When I got home I took 2 Tylenol 3 I had from my last surgery because I couldn't find my other medicine. I went to bed and got up around 4 still with a headache but not nearly as bad. I was wiped out still from the whole thing. I missed my last two classes and I was not really happy about it. I had to try not to stress out about it because it would not help the remaining headache.

I just have to hope I didn't miss too much, I NEVER miss class. Just like I never miss work even if it takes me getting towed in. I just don't like to feel irresponsible. Most teachers allow 1-3 missed classes and I suppose that is what these days are for. I still don't like to miss.

Well now I have loads of work to do so I must leave now.
I love comments!!! Later this week I will pose some questions about the direction this blog is taking! I am not able to read a Dark Novel each week so I want to ask my readers what they might be interested in hearing about. Maybe some dark short stories or poems. That I could take a lot less time reading and could post short excerpts.


  • Jeff King

    i have never listened to a Podcast, but more power to ya... I’ll support, whatever makes you happy.

    As far as the direction, I’ll read whatever you want to write about... maybe talk about your favorite story and chars. talk in depth about that. Knowing more about you and your opinion is what interest me.
    So basically post about the issue you find interesting and I am sure we will... thx

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