Thursday, June 4, 2009

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

>> Thursday, June 4, 2009

All Together Dead is the seventh book in the Southern Vampire Series. Charliane Harris has out done herself this time. This action packed novel was right up my alley with loads of devious plots and tons of romantic tension. Harris takes this book to a new level of entertainment and a new town.

The majority of this book takes place in Rhodes at the massive vampire gathering called the Vampire Senate. Sookie is forced to go because the Queen of Louisiana needs her telepathic abilities. I loved the idea of this book taking place in a convention center it brought back memories of the conventions I attended as a teen. I think she did a great job with the new setting.

Barry the bellboy is back and he is working for the vampires in the same capacity as Sookie, scoping out the humans (or the vamps they work for) who may be up to no good. Sookie and Barry develop a friendship in this book and work together very well when things get rough.

Quinn is still Sookie’s main love interest but they are having trouble making time for each other. I have a hard time with this relationship it really feels flat and boring. I also can’t picture Quinn as sexy. Eric is still in the picture and you can tell that they have feelings for each other. Sookie is forced to drink his blood again to improve her senses and it creates and even deeper bond with Eric. This causes some exciting, tense scenes between Eric and Quinn.

If that is not enough for you there is also the Queens trial, for the murder of her husband, which is anything but typical. Unless you count bow and arrow wielding vampires showing up right in the middle of a trial as normal.We also have murdered vampires, plots against the queen, miscellaneous bombs, and a bunch of lunatics from the People of Faith.

In the end you get loads of dead vampires, and a great set up for more of Sookie’s unusual life with the supernatural. This time you know things will never be normal for Sookie again. I loved this book and I am giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It had a little bit of a slow start but I loved the humor in the beginning. There was a bit of interaction between Sookie and her new roommates. This was an unnecessary part of the plot but I rather enjoyed it.


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