Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Review -- Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magic Burns picks up right where Magic Bites left off. Kate takes a job working as a go between for the Order and the Guild. She takes on a mercenary job with her friend Jim and a strange man with a bow interferes, kills their target and runs off.

Then while investigating the bowman she meets Julie, a young girl whose mom and her coven of witches has disappeared. When the bowman starts stealing from the Pack and Kate is hired to find the stolen goods and she is now watching over Julie as she is being chased by crazed undead monsters. Kate works closely with the pack in this book in her efforts to keep Julie safe and find out where the new creatures have come from and what they are after.

I loved this book and I really appreciate the fact that Kate is not jumping into bed wit every man that comes her way. I like the stories in the Southern Vampire series but there is just way too much sex and I find it takes away from the story when it is overdone instead of adding to it. I am very pleased with the slow moving aspect of the possible romance.

I enjoyed every moment of this book and can not find one thing I did not like about the book. The plot was fast moving and full of surprises, I was not bored for one minute. The supernatural beings she introduced in this book and the environment were so well done I felt I could imagine everything.

I especially love the way Andrews spends just the right amount time bringing the story alive. I have read some books where they have spent way too much time describing buildings, and scenery and unnecessary descriptions of minor characters hair color and clothing. I have also read books that are quite the opposite where you can not picture much of anything because the descriptions are so vague. This book is well balanced and very entertaining.

Kate is still as sassy as ever but on occasion she actually thinks before she speaks or apologizes for what she said. Her character became more likable as Andrews delves into Kates’ mind to show the isolation she feels as well as giving us a bigger picture of her past. Readers will also begin to see the depth of her power as she unleashes more than seen in the previous book. There is also a little hint of romance for Kate in a quirky kind of way in this book.

I am going to highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy. I give Magic Burns five stars out of five


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