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Linger Book Review

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here is anther great review from my sisters blog Oh My Goddess, Are You Stalking Me

You Give Me Fever

Okay, so, WOW. This book was completely different from Shiver. Yes, it has the same characters but it is not based on love. Yes, Sam and Grace are still in love with each other but the majority of the book is about independence, defiance, and coming to terms with life altering events that are out of their control.

Grace and Sam are soul mates. They are meant to be together but for some reason life keep getting in their way. The story began in Shiver with a boy who is a wolf loving a girl who is a human but now the roles have reversed. Now the girl becoming a wolf is desperately trying to hold onto her humanity to be with the human boy she loves.

Now that we have discussed Grace and Sam lets move onto Isabel and Cole. Isabel is a not so nice girl in a smokin' hot body. She is popular and materialistic. Both of her parents cope with life through alcohol, drugs, and work; pretty much leaving her to herself and her parents money. But the best part about Isabel is that she is Grace's friend. They have nothing in common but the fact that they share the same secret -- the knowledge of the "wolves". And that brings us to Cole.

Cole is one of the recent additions to the "pack". Before the leader of the pack changed into a full-time wolf he made three new pack members to take care of business, this is where Cole came in at the end of Shiver. Although, I still don't know what Beck was thinking because Cole is unstable, self loathing, and careless. But for some unknown reason Isabel is the one to break him.

Isabel and Cole are my favorite characters in this book. They are both so boxed up and closed off from everyone but each other. They open up to each other and it makes their characters blossom, yet they are not a couple. Physically attracted to each other, yes. Together, no. They are a team, both trying to cope with their hardships and both trying to help Grace and Sam.

Throughout the book Grace is unusually sick. Her nose keeps bleeding, she has a horrible fever and a headache from hell. Everyone knows there is something wrong with her, but the people that know what it is are to afraid to said it out loud. Although, what everyone thought is completely ass backwards and the twist in the end of this book is so far off in left field that you will NEVER see it coming.

What I also didn't see coming was the lack of love in this book. Quite honestly it felt more like obsession and desperation. This book was full of fear. The fear that you are leaving someone or something behind. Don't get me wrong, it's a great book! It's just not what I expected. Although, I do not like where this book left off I am still willing to give it an 8 out of 10. Maggie's writing style is still amazing and she allowed her characters an amazing amount of feelings -- fear, love, lust, angst, sadness, disgust, and many others. Her characters have definitely grown from the previous book. =)

I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of the third and final book Forever!


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