Sunday, February 27, 2011

Magic Mourns

>> Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of finally reading the Kate Daniels short story from Must Love Hellhounds. It truly was a pleasure even though Kate was not a big player in this short story. Andrea and Rafael are front and center in this unbelievable tale.

Kate is on medical leave and Andrea is filling in for her. While most callers hang up when the realize Kate isn't in, one caller does tell her to tell Kate that a shape-shifter is being chased by a dog the size of a house with his tail on fire. So Andrea packs up her guns and goes out to investigate.

Well the dog really is the size of a house and I am sure you can guess who she has to rescue from the huge monster that drools fire. If not I am going to tell you because I knew well before Andrea knew that it was in fact Rafael. She had been trying to avoid his advances and very early on you get a big clue that it is him.

Once she discovers who needs protecting you get into a fun and exciting story line that includes Hades and some special apples that are supposed to give youth. Oh and I don't want to forget a few vampires a necromancer and a dead guy that can still communicate with the living. While the action and the mythology are great the best part was learning more about Andrea and Rafael. Even if I never read the rest of this book it was worth the buy for this one story.

It is a short story so I think I should stop there so I don't spoil anything for those that want to read it. I am very tempted to ignore my to be read books and read this series again.


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