Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saving Grace

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Okay if this video works it is a little something for those out there who are looking for something fun to watch. I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately and that is why I have not been around for a while. I didn't think I would like Saving Grace because it really is not my thing. I was thinking it was going to be something like Touched by an Angel you know the touchy feely stuff that makes me want to puke. I was so wrong! I love this show and I have in a month watched the first two seasons.

I thought I would try it but kept thinking that it would be some religious crap that I just didn't want to hear right now. I could always send the disc back to Netflix and never think about it again. I was already questioning if I even had any faith anymore and that journey started with ups and downs highs and lows a good 6 years ago when something that felt devastating happened in my life. I still can't talk about it but with a few people I really trust.

After I got a few episodes into this series I realized that is was not going to be what I expected and it gave me some motivation to open up a little and maybe get out of the cell I have locked my emotions up in. I still have a long way to go but you know it reminded me more than anything of God's amazing grace. I am nothing like Grace in fact I might be a little more like her sister Page if you have to compare me to someone. I look like I have it all together to the people looking in from the outside but really my life is a mess.

So all that being said I just loved the show. I loved the whole concept of God sending Grace a second chance Angel. I love how it takes you through a journey where she starts to change but also how you see what happens in the lives of those around her. I also like to see that they don't spend a whole lot of time with a bunch of crap about how God says this is a sin and how you can't do this or that and get to heaven.

For me I hated Grace to start with and as I learned more about her past I felt I could understand where she was coming from. Even though I still hate some of the things she does in the show I can feel for her character and maybe sometimes i am a little jealous of the way she feels free to be herself at times.

I know it is just a television show but it really made me think again about how different each individual is and how I never know what the person sitting next to me is really going through at that moment. Some people are just stupid but most people are more complicated than that and could probably use a little GRACE


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