Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wolf and Where Are You a few of my Poems

>> Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here are a few poems I am working on. They never seem to be finished. I submitted some of them for my final portfolio in my creative writing class. My teacher was a very successful poet Rane Arroyo. I usually enjoyed his class but sometimes I felt like he spent a lot of time outline what was wrong with everyone's writing and not helping us figure out what good writing was. It may have been his strategy because that was the first half of the semester by the second half of the semester he spent more time showing us what was good but still helping us spot mistakes.

These poems have not been worked on recently and they are not complete I just wanted to share some of my work and didn't want to publish things I might submit for pay or just to be published. Please comment I love to hear what others think.

Wolf by Carrie Sund

Running fast, Running free, my nose burns from the cold
My eyes sting as I run faster still
But I am warm as the full moon beckons me
To the hunt
Frosty Evergreens sparkle in the wind
The dark forest opens before me, I claim it as mine
I answer to know one
I am Alpha

Where Are You by Carrie Sund

God where are you?
I believe in you, I know you are there, somewhere.
I want you to be real, but where do you hide….
When I need you most?
When I am lost so are you
When I am sad I still feel alone
Is this life a nasty prank?
Yes, I think it is
You created us to do you bidding
And abandon us when don’t know what to do
God where are you?
Today as I sit in pain, I call and hear no answer
Lord just tell me one thing
Why don’t You care?

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