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A Fistful of Charms Book Review

>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Fistful of Charms is the 4th book in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. This is the last book I have and I am disappointed that I need to quit here for now. I don't have any book money in the budget just yet. I can't justify spending more money until I finish some of the books I already bought.

I really enjoyed every minute of this book. In the last book Rachel manages to out wit big Al the demon who want to make her his familiar. She looses one demon mark but gains a new one. So now she owes two demons a favor. She also saves her enemy Trent from the only other witch who can use demon magic like Rachel.

David, the werewolf Rachel met in the last book, needs a pack but he doesn't really want to deal with pack relationships so he asks Rachel to be his alpha female. Rachel agrees to the platonic relationship and gets discounted insurance.This book starts with a pack of wolves confronting Rachel's status as an alpha female. They want her wolf to prove she can be an alpha female with no magic. After this encounter she asks Ceri the elf she saved from big Al if there is anything that can make her were.

There are a few little side stories in this book but most of it is a rescue mission for a huge mess Nick, Rachel X looser boyfriend got himself and Jax into. I wasn't sure Nick was going to stay the X but after the stupid stuff he pulls in this book I don't think we will see him as a romantic interest for Rachel ever again. So if you didn't already hate Nick be prepared for wanting to take him out yourself.

First he takes Jenks son to Michigan to steal an artifact that is very important to all werewolves and vampires alike. Then when he finds it he double-crosses the werewolves he was supposed to sell it to and finds himself a prisoner. Jax escapes but it is still cold in Michigan and pixies can die from the cold. Jax contacts his family and Rachel and Jenk's come to a truce so they can find his son.

Ceri finds Rachel a spell that will help her were and one that will make Jenks big so he can withstand the cold while saving his son. I have to say one of the reasons I loved this book was that it was fun to have Jenks big for most of the book. Rachel and Jenks find Jax reality quickly but she is too soft and feels she must save Nick. This leads to a lot more trouble than she bargained but she can use her alpha status to help her get out of some of the mess. There was a lot of mystery around the were that Rachel changed into and some real wolves on the island that they were holding Nick. I am hoping to hear more about that in a later book but that might just be my love for wolves speaking.

After they get into more trouble Ivy shows up to help with the situation. Some really interesting stuff happens between Ivy and Rachel in this book but you can read the details for yourself. This book has a lot of focus on the relationships that Rachel has with Ivy and Jenks and it makes for a great book mixed tons of magic and action. I really have to wait to read more but if I could get them for free I would already be in the book store or at audible. This book gets five stars.


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