Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Should Have Some Time to Read Some Dark Novels

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have loads of home work but I have quite a bit of time off. From now through next week I have only one day of school. If I organize my time wisely I should be able to get a book read or listened to. I might be able to read one and listen to one if I pick short ones.

I am compiling a list of books to download from audible. I was going to do one nonfiction book and one fiction book to keep variety but I have changed my mind. I read enough nonfiction in school these days. I have a subscription at audible and I get two credits for 23 dollars a month. I still prefer to read but I have been able to listen to good books and accomplish much of my housework as well as run errands and walk the dog.

I didn't finish Moby Dick but I did get about two thirds of the way through, since I have all weekend to finish it I will most likely take Thursday off to work on other homework. This was not one of those books I should have procrastinated on reading. It is a difficult and sometimes very dull read. I have to say thought sometimes I just love reading or listening to it other times I can't focus on it at all. If this is a pattern in Melville's writing I will not be reading much more of his work.

I plan to get the latest House of Night book as soon as I get my next audible credits which should be in the middle of this month. If this one is as bad as the last one it will be my last in this series. I will have one more credit and I am debating on one of the Southern Vampire mysteries, I have read seven of them and I own book eight so I might read that. The other two are the third book in the Hallows series by Kim Harrison and the second book in the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs.

I really want to read more dark novels but with all the reading I have to do for school I am not motivated to read in my spare time. I only have six more class days over the next four weeks so I should be able to get at least a few good books in. I won't promise you anything other than I will try to have at least one dark novel review posted this month.

Now December is another story! I have no classes after December 9th and everything is due by the 11 then I don't have class for a month. I will only have two classes next semester and I will be going back to work but not until March. I should have a lot of reading time, now that I have my heated lazy-boy chair, I can stock up on hot chocolate and read for hours. I am really excited about the whole month to do just that. That is probably the sign that I am truly a nerd but who cares I love to loose myself in a book.


  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to finding out what you think of the third Kim Harrison book and the house of night one...I have read all these.

    Have you ever read Laurell K Hamilton?? She has done a great Anita Blake series...and also a Merry Gentry series which I found hard to get into initially but by book 3 was hooked.

    I have also recently read the Morgainville vampires books which were very light reading and very different.

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