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One Foot in the Grave: NIght Huntress Book 2 by Jeaniene Frost

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Foot in the Grave: Night Huntress book 2
By Jeaniene Frost

It has been four years since Catherine left Bones, the love of her live behind to become a Vampire assassin for the government. She is known in the vampire community as the red reaper. Cat is half human half vampire with a lot of sex appeal.

Catherine has grown up a lot since she left home but it is clear she misses Bones. She effectively leads a team of the best humans, into battle against rogue vampires. Her job is her life as she trains her men to survive.

She is very loyal to the men of her team and her team to her. I loved her interactions with them and her boss. In the first book she was very selfish in this book she is much more mature.

Cat is cool and confident in until Bones shows up in her life again. His unexpected arrival unleashes the tension Cat has inside of her. I was glad to see Bones I just can’t get enough of this relationship. I promise you there is a ton of tension between the two lovers as well as some magnificent romantic moments.

She quickly finds out she has pissed off the wrong vampire in the line of duty and he is after her. This vampire wants her for his rare collection. If that is not enough there is a price on her head. She has two vampires after her one wants her dead the other want s to keep her.

Cat and Bones come up with a plan to save her. Her team insists on helping and things get really interesting. Cat grows a backbone with her boss and insists on doing things her way.

There was tons of action as well as romance in this book. One thing I really enjoyed was the development of the characters. This book gave you a lot of history and background on many of the characters without being boring. Bones has a jaded past that gets a lot of attention in this book.

Catherine becomes a heroine that I loved and can’t wait to see more of her. Cat is quickly becoming one of my favorite vampires.

This book was so much fun I couldn’t put it down, I loved every minute. I give this book five stars!


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