Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kitty and the Midnight Hour
By Carrie Vaughn
Kitty is a DJ at a radio station in Denver who accidentally opens up her phone lines for hurting and misguided supernatural beings. Kitty is also a werewolf who knows more than a little about her callers issues. I absolutely loves her as a human and a DJ but the wolf side of her I hated, at least for more than half the book.

She willingly took the lowly wolf role and allowed even the alpha wolf to use her body like she was a sex toy because that was the way it was her the pack. She spend a lot of time cowering in the presence of other wolves and it made me rather sick.

As the book progresses she grows a backbone which leads me to believe the series will be great. The writing style is great and the book is packed full of action. I especially love the way she changes perspective when Kitty turns wolf. Kitty’s wolf form is in the third person and near the end of the book her wolf is awesome.

After Kitty’s show becomes a great success she starts to deal with contracts to kill her, disorder in her pack and a serial murder. She actually becomes friend with the man hired to kill her and even teams up with some vampires to deal with a cult that is believed to heal supernatural conditions.

I really liked this book despite not liking Kitty’s wolf side the first half of the book. In the end it was obvious that was not going to be the case in the next books. It was also obvious that I was supposed to feel that way but it still made portions of the book hard to read.

I give this book four stars out of five. It could have been better, I was very unsatisfied with her relationship with the leader of the pack. I did love Kitty’s show and how it gave her confidence. The show is what changed her in the end and I think this will be a great series.


  • Caden O'Brien

    I love Carrie Vaughn's Kitty... series! Yeah, the submissiveness she shows early on is a bit hard to take, but I put it down to what a nice civilized girl would turn into if she turned wolf and had to live in that society. Their values are definitely different. I watch my own dogs with each other, and although I love them, and they love each other, some of the things they do are really mean!

    Keep reading the series, and I think you'll like how Kitty evolves. She's a wolf-girl with a brain and a lot of guts, and the stories get better as you read on. :-)

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