Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book Review -- Hunted --House of Night Book 5

>> Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hunted is the fifth book in the House of Night Series. I have really enjoyed this series and I felt like I waited forever for this book. I was very disappointed to say the least. I read it in one day trying to get to the good part and there wasn’t one.

There was a lot more of Zoey’s drama with boyfriends, now with Stark, Erik and Heath. Right away she gets back together with Erik the sexy vampire she was dating. Then she gets hurt and needs blood and low and behold Heath her human ex-boyfriend is there so she imprints with him again.

Then there is Stark and I am not even going to try to figure that one out. If that isn’t enough the evil being that Neferet awakened, wants Zoey thinking she was made for him. She can’t shake the feeling that she might have been made for him and she has dreams about him. I have grown extremely tired of this story line. The way it is heading it looks like she is going to be able to have several boyfriends and not have to choose.

The other thing that this book has it a load of idle chatter between regular vampire fledglings and red vampire fledglings as they are stuck underground hiding. You spend most of the two whole days down in the tunnels the red fledglings were living in. They spend a bit of time introducing you to some of the red fledglings and a lot of time talking about the new and improved living quarters. Did I say the story only takes place with in a two day period! Two days!

This book didn’t go much further than the last book and I don’t plan to keep reading the series if it says that way. I loved this series because it was generally fast paced keeping me on the edge of my seat. If it is going to move as slow as a soap opera then I am out. This book only gets 2 stars out of five.


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