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Book Review -- Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

Dead Until Dark
By Charlaine Harris

This is a fantastic book full of mystery, suspense and romance. The only complaint I have with it is there was too much sex, but the story was intriguing I just couldn’t put it down and have read 6 more books since. I particularly enjoyed the detail Harris uses in describing small town life and how they reacted to the first vampire in town and a possible serial killer.

The development of synthetic blood brings vampires out of hiding and into the human world. Bill is the vampire that comes to live in Bon Temps where he meets Sookie Stackhouse.

Sookie is a waitress at the local bar and she can read minds, not selectively she hears everyone and has a hard time blocking it out. She soon discovers that she can not hear vampire thoughts when she meets Bill.

Shortly after Bon Temps first vampire comes to reside they begin to have a string of murders. Many of the people of the small town don’t believe it is a coincidence that these horrifying incidents started after the arrival of their first undead resident. Then there is also Jason Stackhouse who sleeps with all the women in and near the city and has been with all the women killed.

As Sookie becomes friends with Bill she discovers the world of vampires is dangerous and terrifying at times. On the other hand when she is with Bill her mind is quiet and peaceful.

Harris develops her characters so well in this book, and she keeps the plot fast pace, full of twists and turns, I was addicted by the end of the first chapter. I was never bored I absolutely could not put this book down.

I do have to warn this is not a book for children it is full of explicit sexual scenes, extreme violence and some foul language. I would recommend this book but I also want to again express my complaint….. there was way to much detailed sex in this book. I have read 6 more books in this series and none of them had this much sex.


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