Friday, April 24, 2009

Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires Book 1 By Rachel Caine

>> Friday, April 24, 2009

This dark novel was such a disappointment to me, I read Twilight in half the time and it was at least three times longer. I had a hard time getting interested in this book. The last few chapters had my attention and then ended clearly wanting you to get the next novel, as they didn’t really tell you what happened to a main character.

The story is rather dull and to write a long review would give away the whole thing. To me this book was not inviting and it moved as a sluggish pace until the last few chapters. Then it came to an abrupt halt where you were left hanging. The hanging part never bothers me when the book was a pleasure to read, but that was not the case with this book.

It is also the only book I have read in the third person in a long time so that may have had a hand in me disliking it so much. I will not be getting the next book and do not recommend it. The good news was there were only a few things that could be found offensive, such as a few references to witch craft, and some dirty language. It was all very mild and while I was bored I was never really offended.

I found only one character likable, Eve, the Goth chick, who was very sweet. I didn’t dislike the others but couldn’t feel a connection with them. They were rather dull to me. Clair is the main character and she is very smart and in college at 16, where she is harassed by a mean upperclassman.

They spent a lot of time with this harassment and not nearly as much with vampires. She can’t stay in her dorm or Monica the leader of the mean girls will kill her. She moves into a house with three roommates and they like her so much they decide they need to protect her. Eve, Michael and Shane live are Clair’s new roommates and they warn her of the dangers of being out at night. The city is full of Vampires and it is not safe for humans who don’t have protection of a vampire to be out especially at night.

This book gets a half star. It was boring a vampire book is not supposed to be boring. Eve gets my half star.


  • In Plain English

    I just started reading the twilight series and made it to book three so far in a week. NOT a big vampire fan, but I thought what the hell and started the series.
    Good to see you picking back up!

  • April

    The Twilight Saga is great and if you watch the movie first it helps with the characters. I loved these books and thought they were great. They had a little of everything. Mistery, suspence, action, romance and more. I stayed glued to those books all week, and was very upset they were over when finished. I think you need to read them all, watch the movie, then write your review.

  • sundcarrie

    I have read the entire Twilight series. I will be posting my reviews the next few days. I was very impressed with the first book, not so much with the rest of the series.

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