Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blogging Plans This Week

>> Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello readers, hope you are all doing well. I am trying to finish my current book, but have not had enough free time. So this week will be for reading. I am reading The Fey by Claudia Hall Christian. The book is amazing, I was almost late to work today trying to squeeze in a few extra minutes of reading. I have ten chapters left, and I can't wait to find out what happens.

I have another book I am planning a contest post for. I believe I will have 5 lucky winners for this contest. I have to check on the details though. I hope to have a review for both books and the contest up no later than Sunday. That is if nothing comes up and I don't have to work extra hours. Since something always comes up I will at least promise the review for The Fey and a few more of my reviews that were on my Today.com blog before they went psycho and ripped off half their bloggers.

Sorry I am bitter about the Today.com thing I try not to talk about it too much but it just has to be said, Today.com sucks and if you are thinking of getting a blog there don't.

Now that I have that out of my system, I am going to be planting a garden this week and weekend so I am not sure how much time that will take. I am however determined not to let things go for long without a good post.

I almost forgot I am also in panic mode about my weight. When I broke my hip I thought I put on about 10 pounds from being inactive for months. I was wrong it was more like 15 to 20 pounds. I was just a little over weight before I broke my hip, now I feel way over weight. So now that I am approved to work out I am on the treadmill every morning fro 40-45 minutes. I am working up the speed as my leg gets stronger.

I can't believe how hard it is, if I work too hard one day it really hurts the next day. I have settled on a slow build up so I don't end up in so much pain I can't get on the next day. Before I broke my hip I did an hour or more 4-7 days a week at at least 4 miles and hour. Now I am only up to 2.5 miles an hour. This is really frustrating to me.

Have a great week and thank you all for reading my blog.


  • Live, Love, Laugh, Write!

    Hang in there! Recovery is so hard sometimes. Be careful when you plant your garden too - that can aggravate your hip. One thing I always try to remind myself is that it's better to take it in slow steps than to try to get everything done at once and get a set back.

  • jeff king

    sounds good to me. i vist few blogs and being a author{work in progress author} i find little time to read books. but i do like your blog and will check in when i can. thx

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