Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Okay I have been kind of lazy....

>> Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well I have not been lazy entirely I have managed to loose the extra 20 pounds I was complaining about for years with a variety of dance classes including pole dance fitness, Latin dance and ballroom with a little aerial arts on the side. I have also started selling Tastefully Simple and am finding it a lot easier to sell than any other product I have tried to sell in the past. I am hoping to get more online sales so that I have more time to read but until then I am going to try to give you a weekly update. 

Ilona Andrews as you know is my favorite author and I have a new book on my kindle that is related to my favorite series. I have a short story as well and the Edge series to catch up on. Today I went to look around and also found she is doing a serial called Clean Sweep and I though if nothing else I could get a discussion going on each part of this series. 

I have dumped all of my online money making ideas except a few and I will not be advertising them here except maybe in the side bar. I will begin to leave each post with a link to my Tastefully Simple website but this page will be all about books and other forms of media that fit in the Dark Novel category. I realize I made a mistake writing about all my crazy money making ideas on a book blog and I will only talk about it in my personal updates from now on and other than Tastefully Simple there will be no links other than places to buy the books or media I am talking about. 

Thanks for your patience and continued support! See you all soon with an update on my reading progress. I am looking for more great short stories to write about because I have a horrid time putting a good full length book down to work on things like the piles of laundry in my basement or packing up for a party that will actually earn me some money. So if anyone has any dark short stories to share let me know I am always willing to post them or just read them and discuss them.

Until next time,
Carrie Sund
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