Wednesday, February 22, 2012

>> Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well I know I promised over and over that I would be back to post reviews but well the only excuse I have is that I can't seem to make my schedule work right. I have been busy but I should be able to make time but somehow I waste time trying to figure out how not to waste time. I can't seem to focus on anything for very long and I have three baby businesses I am trying to get off the ground to boot.

So the solution for me is to finally face the fact that I probably have ADD. I have an appointment for testing with a specialist in about 2 weeks. I made it through college with extensive lists and strict schedules. I mean I had a written schedule that told me exactly what time to brush my teeth and shower I even had to put feed the dog on the schedule to make sure I didn't forget.  I would go back to that but the problem with that is when I do that I feel like I can't readjust my schedule if something pops up that needs my attention. I know that is ludicrousness but it truly feels like the entire day is ruined if my mom calls and says can we meet at the gym a half an hour later.

Oh well maybe they will help me figure out what the heck is wrong with my brain and then help me learn better coping skills. Really it is not the end of the world if I have to switch my customer drop off with my blog posting but what usually ends up happening is I do the drop off then I don't do the blog post because my day was thrown off.

Well I am not going to promise anything but what I am going to do is spend some time this week updating all my blogs. For Dark Novels I am going to try to sort through the books I have read and not posted reviews. Then I am going to make a list of books I need to review. I like a long review but since I tend to be short on time these days and I won't remember detail of the books I read many months ago I am going to write up short reviews.

I really need to get my businesses going so I am going to give the links and if you like the products help me out and buy something and pass on the links. Also I am going to be posting the links at the bottom of every post just fair warning I have to get my name out there and increase my online sales if I want to have time to read and write reviews.


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