Friday, November 18, 2011

My Crazy Life

>> Friday, November 18, 2011

Well I have not updated in quite some time but I have been reading. I just have to fit in a few chapters here and a few chapters there. Audiobooks have been a godsend these days as I can listen when I am doing menial housework and when I am on the treadmill.

I started a class for a work at home job and it was over today. I was in class from 9-1 each day and had almost as much homework. It is a customer service job and I am not going to lie it is hard and right now I don't like it. Working and going to class and trying to sell Avon and Herbalife and recruit for Avon has just had me too overwhelmed to write. Oh yes and I have still been getting to the gym 2-4 days a week for an hour.

It is hectic around here but  at this point I do a week of training calls then I am certified as and ACP (Arise Certified Professional) if I pass the calls. The pay is good and I only have to work 20 hours a week but with my hubby still laid off I need to make some more money. I am thinking that after I have been taking calls for awhile it will get easier. It is a lot to remember and I am having trouble with the many types of calls I am getting. The really great thing is if I give it until the end of January and still can't seem to get it all down I can take another class and serve another client. I am hoping that I just get better at this but it is rough being a newbie with a mobile phone carrier especially since I have very little knowledge of how mobile phone service works. I signed up with Star Virtual Services and I have been really lucky because they offer a lot of support to there employees most of my classmates were on their own.

Other than that I have been selling as much as I can and building my two sales businesses. My Avon sales are starting to pick up but if you would like to help I would be grateful for any online orders. My website is Thus far my favorite of my three jobs is selling Avon and I am trying to focus on getting these sales up. I am not sure what it is about this job that I like so much but it has been nice to meet new people and everyone knows a little about Avon so it is easy to strike up a conversation about it.

Hopefully once things level out I will be able to update this blog with book reviews but for now it looks like I will have to offer you updates on my life and once I have the time to comb through what I have read I might have to offer short read it or don't waste your time reviews. I have to work a lot right now to make ends meet and to be able to continue on with our goals. I can't even buy books if I don't get these sales businesses off the ground and work enough hours.

My hubby has been laid off over 5 months now they called him back for two weeks then laid him off again. He has been looking for a job but in our area the job market is really bad. He makes more on unemployment than most of the available jobs not that he wouldn't take one that made the same but he is over qualified for those jobs so they don't bother calling him. So in the mean time while he is looking I have to work sorry about this I really do miss blogging and I will try to give more updates soon....or you could just buy tons of Avon products and have them delivered directly and then I would have more time to read and write. That was said semi-sarcastically but really if you like Avon I would love it if you would shop at my store if not it would be great if you would share the link to my store with someone who might enjoy shopping there.

Just in case the friends I have met with this blog are worried we are not in any danger of loosing our house or having our possesions reposesed. I may have to cut back some more on things we like but don't need and maybe Christmas will be for other not us this year. We are not underwater if we did nothing we would be fine for about a year as long as we were wise with our savings but we would then have no savings so the goal is not to touch that savings if we don't have to. It is for emergncies like if our car needs a tranny or something not for living on if we can help it. So for those worry warts out there we are fine but if you say prayers please keep us in them.

Of course if you have a winning lotto ticket you really don't want I will take that but otherwise I am not accepting charity if you want to help out buy from one of my stores if and only if they contain products that interest you.


  • allotments4you

    Hey Sundcarrie...It's great to have an update from you...even if there aren't any book reviews. I thought my life had been hectic lately but it pales in comparison to yours. I wish you luck with your new job and hope you soon get into the swing of it. I used to sell Avon when my children were younger but having no car I couldn't deliver far and within walking distance there just wasn't enough interest...I wonder if your Avon is like ours??? We certainly couldn't sell on line...only by posting brochures through doors.

    Well anyway good to know your doing ok even if things are a little tight and you will definitely be in my prayers...oh and did you decide on a name for the cat??

  • sundcarrie

    Thanks for the prayers. We have a website for Avon now and we can sell directly from that but we still do the brochures as well.

    The cat is named Loki

  • Adel

    Very best luck to your new job I am very sure you can make good living from it and you can rise to the occassion!

    Zero Dramas

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