Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Loving the Moving

>> Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have good news and bad news I have been moving and there I have scatter brain syndrome and won't be able to form a coherent sentence but by Saturday we should have all our stuff moved. I am not really happy to move back to the duplex but we couldn't sell it and we are just going to use the whole thing as one house. I will get a big work out room/office in the upper units living room so I can't complain. We just have so much stuff!

I have a few book reviews I need to get up my summer reading has including the Crimson Pact and the two latest Sookie Stackhouse novels. I think I forgot to do a review for one or two of the Ilona Andrews books I read a while back too. So once I settle down in the new..I mean old house I will get to writing again.

On the plus side I have lost 12 pounds despite messing up on my diet on really busy days and replacing my exercise with packing, moving and cleaning. The downside is I hurt all over and my brain is no longer functioning. Oh and so much stuff is not here or there it is getting on my nerves. For instance my computer is here and my printer is there. I just can't wait to live in one place and have one set of bills.


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