Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Acid Reducers and Hip Fractrues

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have been reading articles this morning about acid reducers and hip fractures. I am actually rather displeased that no one ever told me about that. I take Prilosec just about every day I was told it was harmless.

I am 31 and I broke my hip about 6 months ago. Where do I join the lawsuit train! Normally I wouldn't say there should be a lawsuit, but it sounds to me like this is bad. My doctors were so surprised to see a 31 year old with a hip fracture and I am wondering if this has something to do with it.

I think it would be nice if they could reimburse me the costs i racked up getting tons of hardware put in my leg and recovering. I have been taking prilosec or zantac most days for at least 4 years now. I am not taking it anymore I will try to live with tums.

You would think one of the doctors would have said something! I have seen a lot of them since my hip fracture and non of them mentioned this as a side effect.


There are more articles on this every day. I am starting to think that if there is a big lawsuit against these companies I will want my story heard at least. I am 31 and doctors are (well at least before these stories became public knowledge) telling me to take drugs such as these with no warnings and I broke my hip. Now if this is the case for me what about 50 year old women or 75 year old women. I am thinking that changing my diet and just using tums would have been worth recommending and even if that didn't work (which it only takes the edge off) then it still is not as bad as the hardware I have in my hip for life. I have a long plate and 3 little screws and one giant screw in my leg. My husband says I have a cyborg leg.
So if any of you find where I go to sue these people let me know.


  • Rose Works Jewelry

    Acid reducers cause bone lose???

  • sundcarrie

    Yes! Well they can cause weak bones and increase the risk for hip fractures! Just so you all know I wouldn't sue unless they found out the drug companies had been hiding this risk factor.

  • Justin

    This is very curious. I had been taking aciphex for years (works wonders on the heart burn), and in recent years I would notice that if i slept on my side at night, I would wake up with some major pain in my hips (I had never noticed that before).

    This has me a little spooked now.

  • Anonymous

    As a medical doctor, I was surprised to learn that my bone density (hip) was -1.9 and that was worse than my wifes. I had been taking Nexium for about 8 years to reduce acid reflux symptoms. I recently learned that stomach acid is necessary to ionize Calcium from our diet in order for it to be absorbed. I have discovered a Calcium product: Dr's Calcium (www.metabolicnutrition.com) whose Calcium components are not dependent on stomach acid for absorption, which is required for the other forms of Calcium: carbonate, citrate, h.apatite, oyster shell - and you do not have to be worried about lead content. My wife started also to take it and her back pain disappeared. Murray

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