Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy Weekend for Me

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have had a lot of excitement in my life this last week. My whole life will be changing by August. I will be a full time student and will not be working for family anymore. As a full time student it should only take me about two semesters before I can apply for the Masters Program in English. I am now signed up for 16 credit hours (5 classes) in the fall.

I actually can't wait, I have only been out of school three years. I graduated with my Social Work degree in 2006. I get paid better now than I would in a Social Work job and the work is hard on the soul. The worst part is you have to take a test in every state you want to work in and the test is hard. My GPA was higher than I remember, a 3.849 is what I graduated with so that helped me with the fear of not being able to make the grades.

Thanks for all the support.

This weekend I am going to spend being lazy and watching Medium. I watched two discs today and have two more for tomorrow if I have the time. I am on season 2 I believe and I can't stop watching.


  • Linda Ellen

    Whoa! What a high GPA! I need to work on mine... Btw, I received The Girl Who Stopped Swimming in the mail. It's so exciting! I wish getting mail was always this exciting.

    Enjoy your weekend! =)

  • Jeff King

    I wish you well and best of luck on your journey.. Once my book is complete maybe i could send you a copy for your opinion...

    Don’t let the stress get to you, remember to breath and keep in mind what you want it will help you through it..

  • vuluganck

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  • Rose Works Jewelry

    I'm so excited for you with all the changes in your life! Have fun with your lazy weekend :)

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